Our Story

The Science Of Skin Since 1927

For almost 100 years, Erno Laszlo has been synonymous with science-backed, ritual-focused skincare, pioneering bespoke solutions rooted in research and proven ingredients, while also addressing the essential connection between skin health and mental well-being.
The legacy of Erno Laszlo began with the groundbreaking discoveries of our founder and his personalized approach to skincare. After receiving his diploma from the Royal Hungarian Elizabeth University of Medical Science, Dr. Laszlo pioneered an innovative skincare philosophy: “observe and listen.” He asked patients about their unique routines and behaviors, then worked to create research-based, efficacious formulations designed for them.

In 1927, the doctor opened the Erno Laszlo Institute for Scientific Cosmetology in Budapest, complete with a lab for developing custom treatments. Dr. Laszlo’s advanced formulas and mindful rituals became essential, lifelong practices for both European royalty and Hollywood icons. A man of innovation, he was the first to introduce the idea of a skincare ritual, double cleansing, pH-balancing skincare, no-makeup makeup, personalized solutions, and more.
Now as then, the Individual is at the center of our practices as our formulas work to address the needs of both skin and lifestyle. After nearly a century of exceptional advancements in the science of skin, we at Erno Laszlo continue to celebrate results-driven formulas, clinical efficacy, and the confidence that comes with skin wellness.

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