Make-up artist Ana Takahashi on creating some of the most innovative looks of the moment

Ana Takahashi, the London-based make-up artist working with KNWLS, Chopova Lowena, and Caroline Polachek, on the process behind her extraordinary creations (Image credit: Ana Takahashi) BY MARY CLEARY PUBLISHED 11 DAYS AGO Scroll through the portfolio of London-based make-up artist Ana Takahashi and you will find looks that recall 1990s rave kids (plucked eyebrows, frosted lips, sparklyRead more ⟶

Best Use of Colour: Lucia Pica’s make-up collection for Byredo Beauty wins Wallpaper* Design Award 2023

Lucia Pica’s make-up collection for Byredo Beauty, ‘First Emotions’, wins a Wallpaper* Design Award for its innovative use of colour (Image credit: George Harvey) Since launching in 2020, Byredo Beauty has been at the forefront of bringing a niche interpretation of beauty to a commercial scale. The beauty industry ‘was very dictating, it was very linearRead more ⟶

CSM graduate proves the future of colour, for make-up and more, is rooted in fungi

Designer, biomolecular scientist, and Central Saint Martins graduate Jesse Adler is using fungi to create make-up pigments that offer a renewable alternative to fossil fuel-derived dyes Lipsticks and eyeshadow made with fungi-derived pigments (Image credit: Tom Mannion) This story starts in 1856, when the chemist Sir William Henry Perkin discovered the first synthetic dye. It began asRead more ⟶

Force of beauty: new makeup brand 3INA opens first store, in Covent Garden

3INA, a new makeup brand by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, stems from the creators’ passion for products that are simultaneously luxurious, honest and accessible (Image credit: press) Coating Covent Garden in a fresh array of colours is 3INA (pronounced ‘Mina’) – a new makeup brand and store by retail experts Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve. From eyesRead more ⟶

New book celebrates the subversive genius of make-up artist Inge Grognard

‘Inge Grognard, Makeup 1989-2005’ is a new book that explores the ‘beauty revolution’ ignited by the make-up artist’s early work with Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten and more Left, Maison Martin Margiela make-up test, S/S 1991; right, BAM No3 editorial, Summer 1990 (Image credit: Make-up: Inge Grognard. Photography: Ronald Stoops ) Inge Grognard, MakeupRead more ⟶