How to prevent dengue fever

The rise in dengue fever infections in Bangladesh during the previous five months has been drastic. To fight against it, 5 prevention techniques have been explored in this article.

How to prevent dengue fever

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Dengue fever and other severe dengue symptoms are the result of a viral illness spread by mosquito bites. Those infected with dengue often have a high temperature, headache, bodily pains, nausea, and rash. As the population of Aedes mosquitoes, which transmit the dengue virus, has surged in the early days of summer, medical professionals have warned that Bangladesh may have an even more severe outbreak of the disease in 2023 than in the previous years. To aid you in combating the dengue virus, here are 5 methods to help prevent dengue fever.

Know the timing

Aedes mosquitoes generally become active two hours after dawn and stay active until two hours before nightfall. Since they cannot tell the difference between natural and artificial light, these mosquitoes have been reported to attack in regions that are brilliantly illuminated. Cover all windows with fine net screens if feasible. If you live on the top level, put a clear skylight in places other than the bedroom, where you require seclusion and darkness to sleep.

From darkness to UV light 

Dengue mosquitoes usually hide behind curtains, beds, sinks, wardrobes, etc. If you neglect to close the windows, you will not be able to avoid mosquitoes. As a result, you may install an ultraviolet light either directly above or close to the entranceway. Any bug that flies in the UV rays will die, not just mosquitoes. As a result, no dengue-carrying mosquitoes will be able to set up shop anywhere near you.

Dismantle mosquito habitats

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes flourish in containers of stagnant water such as tires, rubber covers, plant pots, pet water bowls, sinks, etc. So, remove any unnecessary water from your home by draining flower pots, changing out water-filled bowls, removing any water plants, making sure your septic tank and plumbing are in good working condition, and covering any containers you use to store water. Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds helps reduce the spread of dengue fever significantly as mosquito multiplying gets disrupted.

Explore mosquito repellants

Mosquito repellents come in many varieties such as oils, lotions, sprays, patches, wipes, and coils. You must keep mosquitoes away from yourself and others in the home by spraying the room, lighting a coil, or installing a liquidator. When working on a laptop, studying, doing housekeeping, or cooking, it is not always practical to sit behind a mosquito net. Therefore, apply mosquito repellent lotion to the exposed skin before starting your activity. Some repellant lotions include Vitamin E for skin protection, so choose accordingly whichever is suitable for your skin.

Boost immunity and sleep

We have learned the value of good immunity from diseases such as dengue and coronavirus in the past years. If you have a strong immune system, strong bugs do not make you sick enough to go to the hospital. So, the best way to avoid getting dengue fever would be to boost your immune system by eating a healthy diet, working out every day, and making other positive changes to your life. In fact, sleep under a mosquito net to get a good night’s sleep and protect yourself from dengue fever with robust immunity.

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