5 psychological tricks to lose weight

This article will cover 5 psychological tricks of losing weight — reducing portion size, replacing bad food with good alternatives, sleeping properly, exercising in moderation, and motivating oneself with personalized messages.

5 psychological tricks to lose weight

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How are your weight loss targets going? If you are falling off the target and have yet to achieve your weight loss transformation, remember it is common! To get you back on track and to remind you that it takes more than just physical effort to achieve your objectives, here are 5 underrated psychological tricks to help you lose weight.

Eat healthy, feel tasty

Replace unhealthy options that taste the same with more nutritious ones. Want some ice cream right now? Try some fruit and yoghurt or a fruit smoothie instead. In need of something crunchy? Give some nuts a shot. Finding a healthy option that shares a few of the same attributes as the fatty item you are desiring helps you. Your taste buds and brain will adapt to these healthier foods over time. Research shows that if you think about eating chocolate or gulab jamun before you consume them, you will feel satisfied with less.

Proper portion

A reasonable serving size on a big dinner plate will make it seem like you only got a little bit of food and so you will want more, even when you are already full. Thus, reducing your plate size will ensure that over-nutrition does not occur. When your hunger disappears, that is a sign of satisfaction. So, make it a point to sit down at every meal and savour every mouthful in smaller bites. Keeping junk food hidden and eating gradually with friends or family in the dining room, rather than close to the TV, may aid in weight loss.

Be your hero

Most dieters fail because they indulge in impulsive eating. One strategy for combating this is to use your phone as a moral compass. To stay on track with your diet, one recommendation could be setting a reminder on your phone to read something motivational that speaks to you like, “I have come far and I am happy.”

Sleep it away

The advantages of sleep go well beyond the immediate physiological responses, such as being able to exercise and resisting the temptation to eat sugary foods for instant energy boosts when you are sleepy. Sleeping well also helps you feel refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow’s workouts and fattening temptations. As you rest, your mind is free to sort through the events of the previous day and make room for new ones when you awake. Inadequate sleep deprives your brain and body of the time they need to reset, making you more susceptible to negative emotions and thoughts that may sabotage your weight loss attempts.

Avoid over-exercise

Take it easy on the workouts rather than just exhausting yourself for hours. You should not work out any less often but rather for shorter periods. One of the most established psychological strategies to lose weight is to reduce your exercise to 30 minutes. Several researchers found that 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise led to more weight reduction than 60 minutes of moderate exercise. It was hypothesised that participants who exercised for longer periods would subsequently overcompensate by eating more. So, exercising optimally and eating properly goes a long way.

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